Friends of the Library

*UPDATE* Due to lack of interest at this time (2/2019) the Friends of the Oglesby Library is going inactive. We will keep everyone updated when there is a more active interest. In the meantime, you can send messages and contact us via our facebook page if you would like to be a part of this group in the future. Thank you!

Check out the Friends of the Oglesby Library Facebook page!

Current (10/2018) Friends of the Library :

Dorothy Ambrose
Katie Borovac
Kate Cowell
Sarah Cudlip
Suzan Cullinan
Pam Delvallee
Amy Gillio
Barbara Ficek
Pam Skoporc
Jill Shevokas
Lorraine Kolowski
Greg Stein
Audrey West
Barbara Wood

The Friends of the Oglesby Public Library is a volunteer group dedicated to supporting the library and its programs. We run book sales and other fundraising events for the library. We sponsor summer reading and other programs at the library. New members are always welcome. We have two business meetings a year in April and October. Annual membership is $5.00, due in October.

Our next meeting is Thursday, January 24, 2019, at 6:30 PM.

Click here to seeĀ a list of the charter members of the Friends of Oglesby Library!