2017 Eclipse Event

The colander's shadow works 20170821

The eclipse event was a big hit here on August 21, 2017. The weather looked like it was not going to cooperate with cloudy skies and even RAIN, but we watched NASA’s feed indoors until the rain stopped and we could watch the solar eclipse outdoors.

We had Oreos (because you can make your own picture of the eclipse with them) and popcorn (because we like popcorn).

Book Sale 7/8/2017, 9-1


Friends of the Library Book Sale

Saturday, July 8, 2016, 9:00 – 1:00 PM

The Friends of the Oglesby Library are holding a book sale during Oglesby’s Summer Fun Fest at the library RAIN OR SHINE!

Want to donate books? Bring them to the library!

Want to help set up for the sale? Come to the library an hour before the sale!

Want to help clean up after the sale? Teardown time is from 1 – 2:30 PM, but with more hands, it should go faster!

Volunteers may set books aside for when the sale opens.

Catalog problems 6/27/2017

If you were trying to access the library’s online catalog today with no results, here are some details.

We found out that you could see search results if you are logged in but not if you were not logged in.

PrairieCat tech support was working on it with our catalog host company, and they got a temporary fix by using yesterday’s data. It might break again tomorrow… but they are working on making sure the data is fixed.

Call the library if you need help logging in or to request a book!

ALSO: some people are now having issues with connecting to eRead Illinois. Again, tech support is working on fixing it.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope Week June 2017

Hope Week 6-12-2017 4

The Hope Week team worked hard in the Oglesby Library Monday, June 12, Tuesday, June 13, and even Wednesday, June 14. They painted, washed windows, moved shelving, vacuumed under the old shelving, moved books, disassembled & reassembled our magazine shelves, carried things out to the shed, re-anchored shelving to the walls, touched up paint, and finally brought Local History into the library office area. The library looks WONDERFUL! Come in and see!

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